Avenir's solutions are developed, deployed and supported by our Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS) practice

What is Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS)?

Automation-as-a-Service is ultimately about serving your customers better. Because AaaS is a consumption-based subscription service, you can conserve precious resources of time and money typically spent on deploying and managing technology. This allows you to instead focus on your core mission and on delivering the products and services your customers want and need.
In essence, Avenir’s AaaS comprises cloud licenses and workflow development by the Subject Matter Experts of our Centre Of Excellence team to deliver Robotic Process Automation(RPA) processes via attended bots installed on your infrastructure.
Avenir's AaaS practice helps our clients offer an enterprise-wide service catalogue that end users can use to select automation solutions for various needs and challenges, thus reducing time-consuming demands on IT.

How does it work?

We produce an Organisational Assessment & Implementation Roadmap, then help you select and leverage findings from it. With target processes identified, our CoE team develop RPA bots to automate them, speeding them up, and eliminating unnecessary actions and human error.
The bot is then added to a catalogue or library of process automation solutions from which your users can make selections. Because RPA duplicates user interactions, no API-level integration is required - a boon when dealing with green-screen legacy systems with no APIs.
Once live, Avenir AaaS monitors the performance of solutions and supports them..

What are the Benefits?

To the Business:

Cost savings - because it’s pay-as-you-go, an operational expenditure model rather than upfront CAPEX.
Flexibility - bots made active based solely on need and seasonal peaks like accounting quarter and year end.
Efficiency - staff concentrate on tasks requiring essentially human skills like judgement.
ROI - accelerated scale and speed of digital transformation.
Improved data quality - human errors, typos eliminated.
Improved regulatory compliance – every process action monitored and audited.
Fewer HR issues - reduced turnover, absenteeism, disputes, training and wage inflation.

To IT:

Better service management, proactively adopting new technologies
Accelerated service delivery, along with increased speed and agility
Reduced burden of manual requests and processing
Reduced spending on IT
Across the board productivity increases for every department
Quicker troubleshooting
Data centre orchestration - building the infrastructure needed to provide security, consistency, and compliance while also making data easier to access and leverage.

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