Use Cases

Adverse Event Reporting

capturing, collating, analyzing & reporting adverse event data, enabling the sale of Pharmacy(P) medicines online while remaining compliant with MHRA & EMA requirements.

Sales efficiency & responsiveness

automating update & currency of CRM data, supporting stronger patient engagement.

Complaint handling

automating data entry, tracking issues, optimizing customer support, managing communications, and automating reporting.

Medicinal Chemistry Discovery

speeding up the legacy system by 48x.

Back-office productivity (Finance, IT, & HR)

Audit trails, Global update life cycles, & recruiting.

Clinical data handling

streamlining clinical trials & research by accelerating participant recruiting & patient monitoring.

Medical Bill Processing

speeding up the legacy system by 336x.

Vendor Onboarding

speeding up the manual system by 100%

Chromatography Review

75% savings in expended analysts’ hours

Customer Rebates

automated rebate calculation, 100% faster and error-free

Inventory Auditing

automatic reconciliation of correct levels for each store/product combination & monitoring of Key Risk Indicators(KRIs)

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