Best Intelligent Automation Services Provider
Best Intelligent Automation Services Provider

Intelligent Automation Services

Avenir’s Intelligent Automation Services utilize the deep experience of our Subject Matter Experts(SMEs), combining the benefits of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) with cognitive services/platforms to break down the limitations of run-book related automation. Combined with our proven automation frameworks, this enables enterprises to radically improve customer experiences, bringing decision making, analytics, and problem-solving features to simple automation. This in turn facilitates automating non-routine repetitive tasks, and implementing operational efficiency across the enterprise.
In summary, by adopting AI and Machine Learning based Intelligent automation, we help our customers transform their IT Landscape.

Services include

Best Intelligent Automation Services Provider

Deliver POCs highlighting new approaches to automation, e.g., transfer learning or modular deterministic extraction for document ingestion

Best Intelligent Automation Services Provider

Creating digital twins within process intelligence

Best Intelligent Automation Services Provider

Using AI/ML modules for delivering industry-specific use cases that solve industry-specific business problems

Best Intelligent Automation Services Provider

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION D4 Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver.

Avenir D4 covers the end-to-end automation process from discovery and design through development and delivery. Source, assess, and design solutions for automation opportunities at scale; Build, test, and optimize automation technologies flawlessly; integrate human and machine operators seamlessly.

Services include:

  • Identify candidate use cases
  • Access and prioritize use cases
  • Pipeline creation and management
  • Human-centric design based guided
  • IA transformation
  • Optimization
  • Automation model training
  • Automation routines and code
  • Automation testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Dashboard key business driven metrics
Best Intelligent Automation Services Provider

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION – Support, Maintain, Enhace Maximize ROI and utilization, minimize downtime, and stay ahead of disruptions to your automation.

We ensures high availability of mission critical processes and infrastructure with 24×7 automated monitoring, support, and remediation.

Services include:

  • Warranty support
  • Proactively test bot dependencies –before they run
  • Break fix and remediation
  • Bot performance and utilization
  • Optimization
  • Continuous monitoring
  • IT roadmap alignment and application –led automation

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