Use Cases

Claims Registration and Processing

RPA helps insurers gather data easily from various sources to be used in centralized documents so that the claims can be processed in much more quickly. Analysis shows that claims are processed 75% faster using RPA.

New Business & Underwriting

Robotic Process Automation considerably reduces the time taken for underwriting, gathering and also processing data from internal and external source automatically, accurately and much more quickly. It also frees up at least 30% available bandwidth and ensures accuracy and delivery of output ontime.

Payment Reconciliation

Digital technology reconciles data received from the payment receiving bank, policy issuing vendor, and the insurer and updates the core insurance system. In case of a cheque bounce, it logs into the vendor system and cancels the policy.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Management

Verifying the NCB submission for new policy applications by authenticating claim status for applicants’ previous policies.

Sales and Distribution

RPA streamlines sales and distribution in insurance. Processes automated and set up include creating sales scorecards to push notifications to agents, conducting compliance, and legal and credit checks.

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