Benefits of the digital workforce

Risk management and controls

A digital robot cannot perform activities if it isn’t designed to do. Human error can cost too much for the organization, these errors and malicious actions can be prevented through the design of robotic automation that makes it nearly impossible to deviate from the best practices defined.

Reduce cost

Digital workforce, with its data accuracy, quick processing, and flexibility, allows employees to focus on more essential duties. It covers the cost of human errors as well as the time it takes to identifying and fixing the error. Interaction with customers is more accurate and faster while, employees’ morale can improve by removing repetitive tasks.

Faster processing speed

Digital workforce simplifies operations that could have taken hours for human workers previously; Bots perform the same task in fractions of time. Once bots are programmed, they complete any task and can work without a pause until the task is completed.

Rapid ROI

Operating costs are usually low; compared to other IT expenses which will make you wait for a long time for ROI to turn up, but by implementing a digital workforce you can achieve ROI within a short duration.

Easy to scale

Unlike the human workforce, robots can be scaled up and down comparatively easily. Digital workers can be implemented efficiently and cost-effectively. It is also easier to get the right numbers of staff at the right time.

Improve data accuracy

Human data are prone to errors, which affects the overall quality and efficiency of the work. By adopting digital workforce in the process, it eliminates those human errors by cross verifying it.

Increased Quality

The digital workforce is 100 % accurate, 100 % reliable and 100 % flexible. It increases quality by simplifying the process, preventing human errors and saves valuable time.

Higher efficiency

Compared to humans, automated robots can perform the same functions quickly and effectively.

Why our sentiment analysis

Truly Digital

Cognitive and Elastic Search, NLP boosted
Knowledge Orchestration, Enrichment, and segmentation, on-demand
Graph Intelligence
Personalized / Contextualized Knowledge Delivery
Interactive End User Knowledge Consumption

Low Cost Of Ownership

No HW/SW Investments or any Capex
SaaS Model, Minimal Upfront Cost
Consumption Based Model (Use and Pay) or Fixed Fees/month, still at the fraction of cost with respect to Brick-n-Mortar KM products
Change Management can be bundled in, providing insulation to Huge Change costs

Ease of Adoption

Knowledge Any time, Anywhere [truly Omni channel, omni-device]
Enterprise and Community Based Collaboration
Large Rich Text Content Sharing
Provide View to Graphical Data
Single Knowledge Dashboard, self learning
Supports both Push and Pull, Seamless On-boarding

Time to Market

Go-Live Within 4 Weeks
Rapid Capabilities Delivered
All Modules Under Single Platform And Release Management
Allows Plug-n-Play customization, in less than half the time taken by traditional KM Products

Support and Future extensions

Complimentary 24/7 Support (if needed)
New Features and Capability Roll Out Can Come Complimentary
Integration With K-System
Hadoop Based Distributed Processing Of Large Sets Of Data

Get exceptional user experience & reduce support cost!

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