Anomaly Detection

Identifies unusual patterns in order to minimize and mitigate risk

Quantitative client intelligence

Draw insights from multi-channel client communications to be used to improve client service

Intelligent Pricing

Complements traditional pricing models, enabling more accurate prediction and confidence intervals

Smart Documents

Identifies meaningful information and insights from lengthy text sources in order to deuce manual operations and improve workflow

News Analytics

Aggregates news from various sources and provides analytics for sentiment, summarization, topics and trading signals

Virtual Assistants

Automates responses to client queries, (chat, email, voice) with the goal of improving client service and operational efficiency

Cloud Services CoE

Our Cloud Services CoE help our customers build the foundation of their digital future with speed and scale. This is driven by the increasingly rapid rate of change in the business environment we all face. Fortunately, cloud strategy and planning is revolutionizing business in ways that help us to innovate to keep pace, giving life to new products and services in these ways.

Cloud migration strategy

bringing clarity to the launch of your cloud capabilities, including building your cloud environments and migrating data from current infrastructure as well as deploying state-of-the-art machine-learning models

Cloud infrastructure development

stripping away the confusion of building or enhancing your cloud infrastructure with technology solutions that make sense

Cloud optimization

modernizing your cloud operations, by helping create deployment strategies that can increase performance, resilience, security and automation — while optimizing what you spend.

Cloud strategy

starting with envisioning how cloud implementation can help your business. From there, we’ll build a compelling business case, assess your current IT environment as it relates to cloud adoption and maturity, and clearly define the strategic benefits of deepening cloud usage.

Consulting Services

A comprehensive range of consulting services to cover these contingencies:

Providing a solution vision - resolving issues within your organisation or its services and removing uncertainty about its technology transformation

Supplementing existing inhouse artifacts for technology solutions to business challenges to provide the critical mass for successful implementation.

Augmenting limited in-house capabilities regarding business analysis, user experience, design, and technology, to provide required assistance to scope and deliver technology solutions

Facilitating the meeting of required timescales for solution delivery, allowing the necessary solution assessment, novelty exploration, and market research, without unacceptable in-house risk, costs and effort.

Our services for the above contingencies:

Technology Guidance

resolving complex technical challenges for both specific issues and wider architecture-level tasks, creating custom solutions, modernizing IT infrastructure, or adopting new platforms

Product Discovery

building a clear vision and implementation strategy for solving business challenges with a new product when there’s no ready-made solution.

Solutions Discovery

finding technological solutions to existing challenges in your organization or with customers. Our service helps minimize risks and streamline processes during the search for a technology, platform, or product to ensure business growth and stable performance.

Design and Development

using our extensive User Experience(UX) expertise to enrich your users' interaction with your solutions, providing an immersive and innovative environment matching your users’ needs and your business objectives.

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